“Feel the Same” by High Tropics

From Queensland, Australia comes the amazing indie band High Tropics and with them comes their latest single, “Feel the same”. With this infectious and mesmerizing blend of old school sounds and contemporary indie rock vibes come lyrics that tell a story and click with us all. The soundscape gets going from the very first second after you press play and it transports you to a world where your imagination can run wild as you feel and sense all that’s going immediately. The track is well crafted and lyrically it really speaks to you, to me and to everyone else as it understands that at times the quest is more fun than what is found at the finish line. Life is like that and accepting this makes it more magical and close to our grasp for there will be many finish lines waiting, but not all will be worth the wait. It understands that maybe they are lessons that help us grow and be better than what we were before. So listen and enjoy this must listen gem.

“‘Feel the Same’ is in essence about when one finally gets what they’ve been chasing for a long period of time; referencing the idea that sometimes we chase goals or reach certain milestones expecting a self transformation to take place only to find that nothing has actually changed – or maybe it’s not what we wanted at all.”

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