“Feathers” by BAXTR

UK based indie pop-rock band BAXTR comes to Wolf in a Suit with a modern day anthem that inspires and empowers in “Feathers”. With this exquisite and rebellious in your face showcase of melodies and lyrics they speak up and invite all womxn across the world to do the same. The soundscape is perfectly set up to land with ease and light a fire inside you no matter who you are or where you are and remind that you are not alone in this battle. The song is a must for any music lover and manages to be a perfect reflection of the current necessities of humanity as we move forward and aim to find a balance to offers everyone a chance to dream and fight to make things happen. So listen, sing along and embrace the power that dwells within these verses. Enjoy!

“Hell hath no fury like a womxn who refuses superficial, unrealistic, heteronormative beauty ideals constructed by a patriarchal society and perpetuated by systemic sexism and consumerism. Show… your… FEATHERS!” – BAXTR

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