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“Fallin” by Bastien

Romanian indie singer/songwriter Bastien comes to us with a story that is sadly familiar but so haunting to hear with the gem that is “Fallin”. With this uniquely honest track, he opens up his heart and soul and explores the at times bittersweet nature of the adventure we call life. The track is a plea to be let in, to be part of someone’s life and to be able to not only tell them but show them how important they are. It’s a wonderfully inspiring soundscape that blends soothing and charming melodies and lyrics perfectly in a way that is so real and so human. The track embraces the reality of life and lets go of fantasies and wishful thinking managing to really hit us. So listen carefully and enjoy!

“I wrote this song with my friend and producer Stefan Merz at a session in Berlin last year.

Fallin’ It’s about people that have too much pride to admit that they’re going through a hard time and ignore every bit of advice, every hand of help.

We both had an experience with a friend that was going through some stuff that was consuming him, and he didn’t want to share anything.

In both cases, we tried to be supportive and show him that he can rely on us, but he chose to keep it all for himself and deal with things on his own.”

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