“Fall with you” by Emma McGrath

UK based indie singer/songwriter Emma McGrath comes to us with the powerful and inspiring musical gem that is “Fall with you”. With this mesmerizing and charming blend of melodies and lyrics she invites us all to take chances and risk it to reach that goal and turn those dreams that are always there into realities. You need to put all of you in order to get whatever you hope to achieve and understand that sometimes risks are necessary but the reward will be so sweet. She pulls us into a story that is so personal to her yet so universal and captivating for the entirety of the human population. The track is without a doubt a necessary experience not only for our senses, but also for our hearts and souls as it provides a sweet taste of an unknown ambrosia that elevates the soundscape into something beyond music. So listen to this wonderful and unique pop gem and jump into this adventure. Enjoy!

“Sometimes you’ve got to fall to figure out where you’re going. When you do fall you realise that 99.9% of the time, it ends up in a good way…”  – Emma McGrath

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