“Faded” by Fellow Kids

Canadian indie pop-rock band Fellow Kids comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the mesmerizing musical creation that is “Faded”. With this electrifying and intoxicating lush blend of melodies and lyrics, the guys set the speakers on fire to provide a much-needed dose of otherworldly and magical vibes that perfectly come together. The soundscape provides the perfect escape from the confines of our reality in a way that is quite hypnotizing and playful. There’s something about the experience that instantly grabs us and makes us feel a connection with the experience that is so unique and refreshing. Enjoy!

“Faded is about finding a release from social anxiety through intoxication. It’s about that feeling that it would be better to shed your skin, transform and never look back. The verses express moments of turmoil, anxiety, and reflection and the choruses shift to thoughts of action. Faded is for those who have found themselves trapped in a situation and have forced themselves to leave in pursuit of bliss.” – Navin Sundar of Fellow Kids

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