“Eyes on You” by Francis Moon

From Sweden comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Francis Moon with the pop-rock jam to make you smile, say hello to “Eyes on You”. With this mesmerizing and beautiful blend of melodies and lyrics, he offers us a unique and welcoming approach to our very own joie de vivre. The soundscape unfolds quite perfectly into the airwaves that surround us and capture our senses as it feeds our minds and souls a much-needed push to see life from a different more mature perspective. The track is an escape but also a wake-up call as it gives peace while inviting us to learn more about ourselves and better tomorrow than what we are today. Enjoy!

“It feels like the more you get through life, you start to gain a new perspective on things. Only then can you truly learn and make things better for yourself; things that seemed quite impossible in the past but are now finally within reach. This is the meaning of ‘Eyes On You’”. – Francis Moon

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