“Enough” by Mat Cote

Up and coming Canadian indie singer/songwriter Mat Cote comes to us with the bittersweet and honest gem that is “Enough”. This track is part of her Paper Birds EP and comes to us as the lead single of this amazing body of work that is sure to be a fan favorite. The melodies and lyrics come together beautifully and with connects the dots playing with our senses and giving our imagination a much needed dose of reality and the fragile nature of the human heart. The soundscape comes together and instead of taking the typical route of anger and hate, she gives us something so mature and so powerful that there’s no denying that this track is bound to hit a nerve for more than a few. So listen carefully and dive into this realm she has crafted for it is sure to whisper something so familiar and so powerful. Enjoy!

“When trust and loyalty are falling apart within a relationship, it’s often hard to see the clear vision of the event. Instead of being angry, you might find yourself apologizing for things they have done. This song tells that story.” – Mat Cote

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