“Empty Promise” by Cara Louise

Indie folk/country band Cara Louise come to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with a must listen gem in the shape and form of “Empty Promise”. With this honest, real and subtle in your face blend of lyrics and melodies the band speaks to us on a personal level that is sure to get us thinking. The verses flow one after the other like a mesmerizing barrage of emotions and lessons that are much needed in the current state of the world. They embrace the painful reality of life but not feel limited by it as they invite us to take steps to be better and connect with our brothers and sisters in this adventure called life. The track is powerful yet soothing and allows the story to unfold gracefully and straight to our hearts, minds and souls. Enjoy!

“‘Empty Promise’ is a political and social commentary about a lack of empathy in this world, set to the tune of driving drums, playful guitar, stacked vocal harmonies, and a highly addictive of a synth melody.” – Cara Louise

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