“Elijah” by Kaeley Jade

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Kaeley Jade comes to us once more with a mesmerizing and beautifully honest track with “Elijah”. With this track, she opens up her heart and soul and invites us to explore a world that has been crafted from her memories and dreams in a way that is subtle yet magical. The soundscape is intoxicating and within it, you can find a peace unlike anywhere else for it invites you to let go of all you know and really embrace the sweet release offered by the track. This is the kind of pop sound that grabs your heart and soul and plays with your imagination as it pulls you with a gentle touch to an unknown place where you can dance, smile, and escape from the current reality we find ourselves in. Dream, love, and dive into this one of a kind soundscape made for music lovers around the globe. Enjoy!

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