“Effort” by Ayelle

Swedish-Iranian New York based indie singer/songwriter Ayelle comes to us with a musical gem for the modern masses, say hello to “Effort”. With this refreshing and honest blend of melodies and lyrics she talks about modern relationships and how social media seems to have taken over some of them. She understands that relationships take time and dedication from both side but if one side is more focused on whats going on with their online persona than what’s happening right in front then issues arise. She wants that attention that she clearly deserves because relationships are not a one way highway and some listening and conversation can make all the difference. She is inviting that person and all of us to simply put some effort and really be there for those we care for. Listen, pay attention and enjoy!

“In today’s social media climate it’s difficult to stay present sometimes and it’s noticeable in all kinds of relationships. I wrote ‘Effort’ about being in a relationship with someone who can’t clock off of social media and just be in the moment with you.”  – Ayelle

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