“Easy” by Alice Merton

German indie singer/songwriter Alice Merton comes to Wolf in a Suit with the honest and truly fantastic musical gem that is “Easy”. With this amazing track she opens up her heart and soul to us as she allows us to take a peak inside as we get to know her better and learn not only of the artist but of the person behind it all. The track explores the unique route that life has set for her as fame and fortune collides with the want and need for normalcy as she invites us all and herself to learn to love all that makes her be the unique and refreshingly interesting person that she is. The soundscape is quite beautiful and manages to instantly embrace the route taken by the visuals as it gives us the chance to experience something that makes all our senses tingle and fall for this track in a heartbeat. She has crafted something so mesmerizing and human as she manages to only give us a chance to know of her but of ourselves as well.

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