“Easy now tiger” by Hazlett

Australian indie singer/songwriter Hazlett comes to us with the mesmerizing and beautiful musical gem about long distance romance, “Easy now tiger”. With this enticing and passionate blend of melodies and lyrics he paints a picture that is so intoxicating and inviting. The soundscape flows with ease through the airwaves as it speaks of a love that sadly has distance in between, but both sides still find ways to be together at times. The track is a poetic and picturesque creation that instantly transports you to the world that is taking shape and form as the track unfolds. His voice is pure bliss as it inspires us to smile and find the connection that lies hidden within this one of a kind must listen gem that whispers to our hearts and makes us skip a beat or two. So listen and enjoy the adventure of this long distance romance.

“This is my ode to long distance romance. It’s me trying to reassure someone about all the moments that they crossed your mind but that maybe you didn’t articulate at the time. How nervously excited you get on a flight to see them. How many little things remind you of them in a day, and ultimately how it only works if they know it and feel the same.” – Hazlett

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