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“Drain” by Harry Mold

UK based indie singer/songwriter Harry Mold comes to Wolf in a Suit with the perfect rebel yell with his latest musical creation, “Drain”. With this  sweet and perfect dose of electricity, passion and the much needed serving of escapism he hooks us and pulls us into the world he has crafted within this soundscape. The track flows with natural ease through the airwaves ensuring the melodies and lyrics come together beautifully and truly connect with us for the story is one that not only represents him, but most of us at a point in time. He is honest about his emotions and his wants making this soundscape refreshing and captivating as it hooks us in. So listen closely and enjoy!

“Drain spouted directly from my feelings of frustration and almost claustrophobia of a repetitive and monotonous routine that I was stuck in. For me these feelings came from a typical 9-5 call centre job where I spent the majority of time dreaming of my actual passion. I think we’ve all been in those situations or some even are still in them at present minute, so I always saw Drain (musically and sensually) as a huge release.”

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