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“Drag you down” by Joe Dolman

UK based indie singer/songwriter Joe Dolman comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the beautiful gem that is “Drag you down”. With this track, the singer opens up his heart and soul and instead of providing us with fantasies and wishful thinking, he lets us see what is real. The soundscape allows us to hear and feel a pain that breaks our hearts as it accepts that sadly he is not the best choice for the one he loves. He provides us with an introspective and mature musical creation that allows us to dive into this world and feel every single note as it hits us with a harsh reality that while bittersweet it’s also beautifully poetic. There’s something special here, so let us jump into this one of a kind realm and become fans of this amazingly talented artist. Enjoy!

“Cos I can’t give you what you want from me,

I’m selfishly, stuck between

What I want and what you need

I’m not what you need”

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