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“Down Low” (Stripped) by Lyrah

Indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Lyrah delivers a stripped down version of her mesmerizing must listen gem, “Down Low”. With this refreshingly soothing and open take, she adds a special layer of nostalgia and emotions that allows the magic of the track to expand into new heights. She pulls us with a careful and warm touch allowing our senses to immediately feel the connection as the story of this soundscape unfolds beautifully in front of us. The track is so well crafted and so real that there’s no denying that there’s something so human dwelling within it as the story has a way of feeling universal yet personal to us all. We dive into this blend of melodies and lyrics finding a place to call home in it as we let our hearts and souls explore each corner connecting the dots and embracing the feelings. So listen closely and enjoy!

“’Down Low’ was a song that I wrote at my piano. As it developed, it became more energetic and the piano got replaced with a guitar riff. But the stripped down version took me to a really special, nostalgic place that I didn’t want to lose. I hope the people who loved the original one love where this one takes them to.”


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