“Down Low” by Lyrah

Indie pop singer/songwriter Lyrah comes to us once more with her latest single “Down Low” and it is just so refreshingly honest that it will blow you away. The talented songstress takes a stance for what getting to know someone should be, especially if there’s any type of friendship or romantic interest. She reminds us all that people want you to care about them and not have them around as if they were the centerpiece of the decor of a room. The track speaks to most if not all of us as we have either lived it or seen it, that situation in which someone brags and brags about who they are with rather than enjoying the company they have in that person. It could be for the so-called fantasy of status, beauty and other nonsensical matters that diminish the actual value of a person. She is blatantly honest and that is most welcome, because the world needs a reality check from time to time. It does not all have to recorded for social media or told to friends, some things can simply be shared between two people ( you and whoever you are interested in) and that should be enough. So listen carefully and dive into the soundscape of her lyrics and melodies. Enjoy!

I was in a situation where the other person wanted to show me off to their friends more than they wanted to get to know me,” says Lyrah about the latest single. “I think he liked the idea of me, more than the actual relationship and ultimately he had no idea who I was.Lyrah




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