“Down like that” by Brodie ft. Josh Jacobson

Cathedrals singer Brodie Jenkins partners up with Josh Jacobson to deliver the musical gem that is “Down like that” under her solo project, Brodie. With this track Josh drops the melodies and tunes to perfectly house and complement the vocals and lyrics provided by her making it soundscape so lush and so exciting. We are pulled in immediately as it takes shape and form and delivers something that plays with our senses and imagination transporting us to the beach. Dive into this realm that they have created and embrace the magic that waits within it. Enjoy the sweet release that is “Down like that”!

“‘Down Like That’ is a song to blast on the beach or by the pool. It feels like summer air, a big exhale into the last days of the season. It’s been a joy to explore this new musical territory, and I hope you love it as much as I do.” – Brodie

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