“Don’t Say” by Of Gentlemen & Cowards

Canadian indie rock band Of Gentlemen & Cowards have landed and with them comes the musical gem that is “Don’t Say”. With this soundscape, they serve melodies and lyrics that craft a story that is so human, so raw and in a way so easy to connect for it speaks a language that we can connect with. There’s no denying that the guys tell us something that is so eerily familiar and real that it allows our imagination to instantly paint a picture. They have managed to balance talent and honesty in a way that makes the track an amazing addition to what is being served in the music scene plus it has a certain extra that makes it shine brighter than anything else out there. So listen carefully and dive into this world that takes shape and form within this track. Enjoy!

“‘Don’t Say’ is a song about endings. Between being stuck and leaving, there’s always a choice – this song was created in that space. It’s a pleading refrain from a strained relationship. Maybe we can get past this, or maybe it’s over.” Of Gentlemen & Cowards

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