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“Don’t Panic” by The Harmaleighs

Indie pop duo The Harmaleighs comes to us with another must listen gem from their upcoming album, say hello to “Don’t Panic”. With this uniquely mesmerizing soundscape, the pair take a distinct route from most and deliver music gold. The blend of melodies and lyrics hypnotize the listener in an instant allowing us all to find a connection with the song and to feel as personal as possible. We can freely dive into the world that dwells within this track and enjoy it to the fullest.

I was in a constant state of worry. My relationship was falling apart, my friend group was changing, my career path was unclear and my mind was fucked. It felt like every aspect of my life was in complete and utter turmoil all at the same time. ‘Don’t Panic’ was written in my bathroom at 3:30 am about trying to calm myself down but being fearful that panic was actually fueling my creativity. It made me question whether or not I should be seeking help or letting this type of fear run its course because it was allowing me to write these songs that I am so proud of. The last line of the chorus ‘but what if that’s all I’m good at’ comes from me being scared I’ll be unable to write if I am mentally stable.Haley of The Harmaleighs

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