“Does it Make Me Wrong?” by Kid Bloom

Los Angeles based indie act Kid Bloom come to us with an honest and interesting track in their latest single, “Does it Make Me Wrong?”. This track explores the nature of many relationships in our lives, as we are made to bow down to someone and admit wrong even when that’s not correct. The go deep within and ask the question in the title, and it raises other questions as we wonder how much power can someone have on us for us to say “my bad” when does wrong was done. At times it’s to prevent further issues, but most of the time it seems to only be a battle of egos that we have lost many times already. You know your stuff, you have a brain and I believe you are fairly logical so why can’t your opinion be accepted as well. Through a playful and inviting soundscape, he caresses more that our senses and invites to think. That’s a refreshing and welcomed route in music and personally, I quite enjoy it. So jump into the unknown of this blend of melodies and lyrics and be more assertive and take back your own voice. Enjoy!

“This song is about the feeling when you are made to believe you did something wrong, when in your heart, you know you didn’t. It’s actually very interesting the power people can hold over each other.”

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