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“Dim the light” by The Harmaleighs

Indie folk-pop band The Harmaleighs come to Wolf in a Suit once more with the beautifully captivating and honest gem that is “Dim the light”. With this track they open of their hearts and souls and share something that while bittersweet is very much real. The talk about feeling that you are going on a downward spiral and you don’t want to pull the one you care for most down with you so you want to let them go so that they continue being free. They tell a story of pain, love and feeling that your sadness and depression can and will “infect” someone so important and so special to you that even that light that always shine when you each other may disappear. It scares you that you’ll not only go down in that hole in which you find yourself but also believing that someone so important could be dragged by you makes you feel so helpless, so lost and so alone. But in the end there’s a slight dose of hope that helps as a reminded that you are not alone and that the light that you are protecting can actually be part of your saving. Enjoy!

“…I can’t fully explain myself

All I know is I need some help

I gotta let you go, I love you too much to stay

I know you’ll be happier this way…”

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