“Die Young” by VÂN SCOTT

Indie singer/songwriter Van Scott explores the unknown nature and reality of death with the introspective soundscape of “Die Young”. With this bittersweet yet inviting musical creation he takes a different route from most and asks a different question for his heart and soul wonder if maybe his death will not be after he has through life and experienced all that was possible but at his prime, while young. It’s a really interesting and somewhat dark path to explore, but frankly it is unique and refreshing for it does bring new questions to light. We end up playing with our imagination as we visualize an end that maybe is closer that we think. It makes us wonder if what we have done so far is enough not only for us but for those we love as well. So listen carefully and explore each and every verse as the paint a picture that is so raw, so real and so uniquely intoxicating. Enjoy!

“This song is very different from the typical “only the good die young” theme you’ve heard before, which glorifies the vibrancy of youth. Instead, it explores the unsettling, inexplicable feeling that you might just die young. It gives permission for us to voice the deep, dark and often irrational thoughts that we all have at various points in life, and to process them out loud.” – VÂN SCOTT


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