“Deep” by Jenna Lotti

Indie singer/songwriter Jenna Lotti gets personal and honest with her latest musical creation, “Deep” and as this walls break we connect. Through this human and refreshing route, she caresses the scars that are times found within our hearts and souls but with her, we feel warmth and understanding. There’s no denying that at times we or someone we know may find that they are in a hole they can get out as easy as they got in. It’s on us to be there not to judge but to understand that it’s not about being a coward but about frankly, feeling powerless to what’s holding you back. In her lyrics, a story takes shape and form and it brilliantly showcases with utmost respect and understanding that alcohol can be a friend but also it can be your ticket to your own hell. So listen carefully, if you connect in any sort of level pay attention and let this soundscape speak to you. Enjoy!

“Deep explores someone close to me, finding refuge in alcohol to escape depression. Outward appearances are painstakingly normal but alone they are sinking deeper into despair and don’t know how to crawl out”

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