“Deep End” by Firemaid

Indie singer/songwriter Firemaid comes to us with a haunting and inviting sonic gem with “Deep End”. With this track she blends pop and folk while adding the right amount of country to let the storytelling capacity of her voice flow with ease through the airwaves. The lyrics and melodies come together quite perfectly and instantly pull you into a world that is sure to feel so raw, so real, and so strangely relatable. The soundscape manages to deliver a full plate of feelings and emotions that range from the bittersweet and painful to the inspiring and poetically beautiful making for fine reflection of the human existence. So close your eyes and listen as the soundscape unfolds and tells you tale not made of fairies and fantasies, but of the raw nature of the human reality. Enjoy!

“‘Deep End’ is about seeing the beautiful things in life and reaching for them, but they are always out of grasp. It’s an unfortunately common feeling, one that can often only be healed by the passing of time.

But there is power in recognizing this grief, and this song embodies that strength. It begins sparse and desperate, but by the end, there is an epic sense of confrontation, accepting the struggle and yelling into the abyss, screaming into the clouds!” – Firemaid

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