“Deck of cards” by Georgia Greene

Indie singer/songwriter Georgia Greene comes back to Wolf in a Suit with tale that is both hopeful and sad in “Deck of Cards”. With this beautifully haunting soundscape she crafts a story that understands that there is pain as love creeps in because fear could be there at the door waiting thanks to previous experiences that already passed. She knows that love stories are not always full of rainbows and butterflies but they definitely have rays of sunshine that creep in and show a view that could potential be full of magic. The melodies and lyrics come together giving life to a world that is raw and real for it understands the various feelings and emotions that are part of the human experience. So listen carefully and dive into this world that she has crafted with such hope and passion. Enjoy!

“…I am a deck of cards ready to be played

You are the kind of hearts you’ve got mine on a string

I don’t know where this could go but

I think that we could be something….”

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