“Dancing in a daydream” by Roses & Revolutions ft. Weathers

Indie pop band Roses & Revolutions joins forces with electric indie band Weathers to deliver the mesmerizing gem that is “Dancing in a daydream”. Both uber-talented acts play on each other strengths and the song flows quite nicely crafting a soundscape that is refreshing and one of a kind. The vocals flow from one band to the other and the verses and melodies start to unfold giving life to the story that resides within it. There’s something about it that is so intoxicating as it begs you to press play over and over again. You are invited to dive into this unknown adventure and embrace the honesty and reality that awaits within it. So listen closely for there’s something so human and so raw ready for you to enjoy!

“…Just you and me
Dancing in a daydream
Just you and me
Lost in the clouds
Just you and me
Dancing in a daydream
Don’t wanna wake up right now…”

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