“Damage Control” by Perttu

From Finland comes the uber-talented singer/songwriter Perttu with his cinematic musical gem “Damage Control”. With this soundscape he delivers soothing and smooth melodies that perfectly house heart-felt lyrics that together soar through the airwaves and find a home within our hearts and souls. His voice gently invites us to explore the ins and out of this story that is unfolding as it’s all taking shape and form becoming one with our very existence. There’s no denying that Perttu has crafted something refreshing and special that is sure to serve our senses with a much needed dose of something intoxicating and so vivid. “Damage Control” is one truly amazing song that not only makes his name known but puts itself as a great addition to the best of 2019. Enjoy!

“…I see you dancing all by yourself

with two left feet, you want a little help?

out of your shell

can pull you out

was about to leave

But I’ll stay round…”

“We met with co-writer and singer Dom McAllister in Camden, London, Bucks publishing Studio. We originally decided to write about climate change, though the lyrics seem metaphorically about that. It also relates to the need for time in order to heal & take responsibility. I performed all the instruments on the day we wrote the song and I didn’t re-record or edit anything afterwards. Similarly with the vocals, we were able to capture the moment as it appeared. Hopefully some of the magic transmits to the listener.” – Perttu

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