“Cut her down” by Bokito

London based indie rock band Bokito come to us with the fun yet bittersweet musical gem that is “Cut her down”. With this track they explore the aftermath of loss with a refreshing and charming composure that looks for a way to celebrate the people lost instead of mourning them constantly. They embrace a unique view that frankly is refreshing and inspiring for it personally seems like the right route to take. We all will eventually be a loss to someone, but if we can bring joy and a few smiles when the time comes then at least the fear of dying can catch a beautiful silver lining. Enjoy!

“It’s a uniquely emotional time in life, piecing together that unified feeling and sharing in celebrating something that we all have to go through.  The person I wrote it for lived a long and happy life so I couldn’t justify sad music behind the subject matter. Hence, fun music with a good ol’ fashioned dose of Irish shame seemed a better tribute” – Moses Moorhouse of Bokito

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