“Cry” by Saga Back

Swedish singer/songwriter Saga Back explores the ins and outs of pain in a beautifully poetic manner with her latest single, “Cry”. With this introspective and mature blend of melodies and lyrics that are inspired by reality and being just human and there for someone. The song while bittersweet is one of the most beautiful, mesmerizing and soothing musical creations I’ve heard in a while. Each sentence captures the duality of pain with growth as it provides the listener a shoulder to cry on and lets us know that it is ok to cry, to feel sad, to be angry but while doing so, to keep our eyes open. There’s something beyond those feelings and emotions and one can out stronger, smarter and a better human being from understanding the full spectrum of a situation. The song is about being there, about listening and about open yourself to be a rock for someone else because growth is not always so easy and at times people just need some support. Enjoy!

“The idea for this song came from watching a video about volcanoes where someone said that eruptions are horrifying but at the same time really beautiful. “It’s absolute destruction and creation at the same time”. That expression stuck with me. I think it’s a beautiful description of what happens to you when you go through something. That you fall apart and break completely but at the same time you change and it’s almost as if you recreate yourself. I wrote “Cry” about battles within and how sometimes, the only way you can help someone is by just being there and feel everything together. “When you’re lying on the floor and you’re crying, I’ll lie next to you and I’ll cry a little too”, describes that.”

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