“Cry” by CUT_

Indie electro-pop duo CUT_ comes from the Netherlands to the lands of the Wolf in a Suit with the insightful and mesmerizing musical creation that is “Cry”. With this track they aim to both understand why sadness can overcome us while also empowering our souls to push beyond our limits aimed towards greatness. The lyrics and melodies come together so beautiful to serve our senses a much welcomed dose of intoxicating and outer-worldly vibes that are sure to resonate with all who listen. The soundscape is perfection from beginning to end and manages to check all the boxes as it becomes an instant fan favorite. So listen carefully and go beyond and explore what dwells underneath this fantastic musical realm. Enjoy!

“‘Cry’ expresses a certain state of mind. I know it so well, a feeling extreme emotion, crying in the kitchen when no one’s watching. Curling up on the bathroom floor and just feeling sad for yourself, and you know? That’s totally fine.. As long as you can look back at it with humor and don’t wallow in self-pity forever.It’s not your identity and these feelings will pass. At some point you need to get yourself out of it so you can reflect and grow.” – Bell from CUT_

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