“Cross my heart I hope U die” by Meg Smith

Halloween has already passed but the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Meg Smith gave us a perfect jam for the spooky night with “Cross my heart I hope U die”. The melodies and lyrics connect with another and perfectly flow through the airwaves pulling you in with no hesitation. The soundscape unfolds into our reality and feeds our imagination with a welcomed invitation to explore an unknown world. Honestly, the track is just so amazing and charming that while spooky it also feels quite hypnotizing and intoxicating. So listen carefully and let the sweet dose of magic from this must listen gem fill you up. Enjoy!

“I was studying abroad in London when I wrote ‘Cross My Heart I Hope U Die,’ and just felt so out of my comfort zone in this new place. It came to a point where I decided to totally forget all of my preconceived notions about what my music should sound like. So I went into the session and I was like ‘Today I want to write the spookiest song ever.” – Meg Smith

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