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“Could” by Hoax

Indie ensemble Hoax comes to us once with a sweet dose of rock, pop, RnB and more with their latest single, “Could”. With this refreshingly insightful soundscape, the band provides our senses with a much-needed taste of hypnotizing and incredibly human verses that grasp our heart and allow us to feel all that transpires in this story. The track is unique and refreshing as it explores what lies not in the outside world but in the world that resides within our souls as we are invited to talk with the me, myself and I. There’s something so poetic, so charming and so personal that it almost feels sort of perverse at times for we may believe that we are hearing something that is only meant to be heard by the one who wrote this gem. But the track does no shy away from this and instead invites us all to jump fearlessly as ever into its soundscape and connect with what awaits for each of us. Enjoy!

‘Could’ is the first snapshot of many narratives told in the forms of songs on the album that opens up a begrudging conversation everyone must eventually come to have with oneself. Questions that highlight the essence of BEING – which if not asked in a timely manner, might result in years and years passing by – until you finally look backwards through a telescope of regret.

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