“Coughing up flowers” by Trinity Rose

Talented indie singer/songwriter Trinity Rose comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the magic and charm of “Coughing up flowers”. With this exquisite soundscape, the young artist embraces the verses and melodies and gives her voice the perfect place to shine. She explores the ins and outs of love in such a mature way that you can’t help but remind yourself that you are listening to a young singer and not a seasoned veteran. She truly connects with the story that dwells within the track and invites us inside to do the same and fin a gentle reflection of our own adventures in love. So listen closely and dive into this sweet dose of magic and heartfelt emotions. Enjoy!

“This song came from a Japanese manga about how one experiences pain when their love is not returned. Your lungs fill up with flowers and you have to cough them up to live. It’s beautiful yet shows that sometimes you suffer in love and can only be cured when love comes back. This is a signature song of my vocal style and melodies and of course a true story in my mind based on my and probably your experiences.” – Trinity Rose

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