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“Cornucopia” by Malory

UK based indie singer/songwriter Malory gives us all a beautiful, honest and peaceful must listen gem in her track, “Cornucopia”. With this track, she not only mesmerizes the listeners but also invites us into her latest body of work, her debut album titled the same as this modern day musical masterpiece. Within this soundscape, we are caressed by verses and melodies so human, so real and so honest that our hearts and souls are touched in an instant. There’s something about this gem that makes us feel so invested and so connected with it that there’s no way to not want to hear it over and over again diving deeper and deeper in the world that resides within it. So hold my hand and let us enter the realm this beautiful and talented artist has crafted from the realities that reside within her heart and soul. Enjoy!

“Cornucopia is a musical collage of the last five years of my life. It’s a collection of experiences, love’s, losses, my own search for identity and my fantasies too.”

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