“Cold” by The Coronas

From Ireland comes one of the most amazing bands out there, say hello to The Coronas and their latest musical gem, “Cold”, from their upcoming album ‘True Love Waits’. With this exquisite and bittersweet blend of melodies and lyrics they paint a picture that is so human and real. The soundscape takes shape and form as it tells a story of a decision made but now regretted yet pride is in the way and does not let the pain show. It evokes the frail nature of the human soul as we take a route but don’t want to accept the consequences of this decision. It understands that we are immature beings that at times want everything without fully understanding how our actions not only affect us but others as well. The track is intoxicating and really manages to speak to us in a language that we are sure to understand. Enjoy!

“…I can’t pretend that I’m blended up
Just witness some words follow right out of my mouth
I didn’t think, I just talked
I couldn’t turn it off
You look at me the way you wanna be seen
I never told you enough what that means
Even our friends are more than amazed
They don’t know what to say…”

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