“Cold Sweat” by Asia

From Belgium comes the uber-talented and mesmerizing indie singer/songwriter Asia with the honest soundscape of “Cold Sweat”. With this refreshing and intoxicating musical creation, she pulls us into her world and gives us the chance to take a peek inside her soul and get to know here a little better. She blends the artist and the person allowing the unique chance to get to see both in action as the verses and melodies come together. The track speaks in a way that invites us to put our guard down and really pay attention as the story that dwells inside unfolds and pulls us in. So dive into her world and embrace the humanity of its verses. Enjoy!

Cold Sweat is a song about melancholy. I wrote it over the summer, finishing it in September, right after my friends left for college in different cities or countries. All those summer memories became violent, they were the constant reminder of what i had lost, a blessed time that i could never get back.” – Asia

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