“CloudsNdrivebys” by Orkid

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Orkid comes to us with melancholic yet intoxicating musical gem that is “CloudsNdrivebys”. With this exquisite blend of melodies, lyrics and memories she crafts a experience that is so real, so raw, so human and so painful yet beautiful. She is all of us, no matter if you are young or you are old, she manages to find a way to truly connect with us all and our personal ups and downs with life, love and relationships. The track understands us and serves as a gentle reflection of the train of thought that at times we seem to have. So listen closely, feel the warmth and reminisce as her verses surge through the airwaves around you. Enjoy!

“‘CloudsNdrivebys’ is almost like driving your car somewhere, but when you get to the location you don’t even know how you got there. The whole ride you’ve been thinking about someone and the memories. Even if you’re hundred miles apart you still float on the words and the moments through the chaotic world we live in like a burning city. That person is still your life line.” – ORKID

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