“Closure” by Aaron Taos

Indie singer/songwriter Aaron Taos continues to craft a musical experience that captures the essence of being human and he shines through with his latest, “Closure”. With this exquisite and bittersweet yet catchy soundscape, he embraces the fact that we all need a way to finally close the door on someone. By blending the melodies and lyrics he evokes the feelings and emotions that surge through our veins as he gives us the perfect break-up song. He caresses our hearts and souls and makes us feel understood as he is also going through this rollercoaster called life and he has experience heartache, breakups and a little more when it comes to the quest for love. So listen carefully and allow your imagination to connect the dots as this track takes shape and form capturing all your senses and giving you a must listen gem. Enjoy!

‘Closure’ is about the process of searching for resolution after a break-up. It’s about that unexpected rush of emotions that come when you unexpectedly see your old person’s face – even when you were sure you were over them. “


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