“Closure” by Natalie McCool

UK based indie pop singer/songwriter Natalie McCool comes to with a modern day anthem to closing the door on past love with the gem that is “Closure”. With this refreshing and energy-filled blend of melodies and lyrics she grabs you surprise and invites you to say goodbye to the past. The soundscape gives pop a much needed shock while adding a few bits of rock into the mix to give it a certain edge and rebellious touch. There’s something about it that is so refreshing and intoxicating to hear as it takes shape and form and speaks a language that we can all connect with. She knows the task requested is not an easy one but she is here to keep our fire burning as the exit door gets closer and closer to reach. So dive into it and get that much needed push to step out of that grasp and be true to you once more. Enjoy!

“Have you ever wanted to get over someone so much that you figuratively bury them? ‘Closure’ is the journey you take to finally slamming the door on that person. It’s a high energy middle finger to your once beloved. What I imagine people doing when they listen to this song is bouncing around singing the chorus at the top of their lungs – I wanted to create something that is anthemic but also full of humour. Because sometimes, crying and laughing are not so different from one another…” – Natalie McCool

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