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Close to Me (Spotify)

“Close to Me” by ORLA

Up and coming Irish indie singer/songwriter ORLA comes to Wolf in a Suit with the mesmerizing and honest musical creation that is “Close to Me”. With this refreshing yet bittersweet blend of melodies and lyrics she begs for one last chance to hold someone tight even though she knows things are already over. It’s a track that truly embodies the fragile yet hopeful nature of the human heart when it comes to love. It’s hard to understand why things ends and sometimes we just need to let things out in order to help us find ourselves once more and be able to move forward as things crumble down to the ground It’s a beautifully poetic yet sad soundscape that will instantly grab a hold of you and pull you into a realm that will surely feel so close to home for some. Enjoy!

“Close to Me expresses the pain of recognising a relationship is over but feeling desperate to keep that person close to you for just a little bit longer. The song is one last attempt to hold onto someone I knew I had already lost. It is a vulnerable and honest response to the end of love.

In spite of the fear of appearing weak, of feeling helpless without them, revealing my pain in this song was cathartic. Expressing my vulnerability and sadness gave me strength in the situation.” – ORLA

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