“Clean from you” by Mountain Bird

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Mountain Bird comes to us with the provocative, haunting and honest gem that is “Clean from you”. With this raw and in your face blend of melodies and lyrics he embraces the pain of breakup and lies and seeks for a future that seems hard to find where your heart can finally be at peace once more. He understands that it’s hard to forgive and forget as live moves around you and new people come to yours and some might have the potential to hold the key to your heart. It’s hard to let that key test out the lock for the pain still resides deep within it and you know that it’s not just about you trying but about who tries. The soundscape is honest, bittersweet yet frankly, quite inviting and intoxicating for it manages to spear right into you. So listen carefully and embrace the story that comes from the reality of a human experience that aims to let you know that you are not alone. Enjoy!

“‘Clean From You’ is about being cheated on and finding out in a bad way. To be let down by someone you thought you were really close to, and to lose trust in all future relationships. It’s about trying to get that self-confidence back, but always being careful in new relationships, and wondering if it will ever go away. All relationships shape you in a good and bad way; we just think we can shape ourselves, but it’s mostly dependent on other people and their actions. It’s quite provocative if you think about it that way” – Mountain Bird

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