“Claudia” by FINNEAS

Indie singer/songwriter FINNEAS comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with one of the most romantic and beautiful tracks out there, “Claudia”.  With this poetic and melodic gem, he gives us an insight into his life and into the person he loves, his girlfriend whose name inspired the title. There’s something about the lyrics, the melodies and the way his voice glides softly through it all adding that dose of feelings and emotions that make the track shine. You can see passion, you can see the love and you can see the hope for a life everlasting filled with a magic that goes beyond the mundane and that can only be found when you feel it deep inside. It’s something that arises and travels through your veins and becomes one with every single pore of your body making poetry feel as if part of your language. There’s something so essential yet so surreal about this song that makes it a must listen wrapped in an instant classic. Enjoy!


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