“City of Angels” by Em Beihold

Indie singer/songwriter Em Beihold gives us a sneak peak into her life with the story that lies within “City of Angels”. With this track she explores the glitz and the glamours that is part of Los Angeles and how this can end up changing those you least expect. The realization that making it big is at your hands could change people and lead them to forget who they are and where they come from. She remembers someone who she joked about regarding this culture that they thought could never touch them, but sadly it grab a hold of her friends and she is no longer the same. It’s a story that has been heard quite a few times but her soundscape manages to bring it home and make it feel so personal to us as well. Enjoy!

“I wrote this song about growing up in LA with friends that end up falling for the toxic stardom culture that we used to laugh about together from the sidelines.” – Em Beihold

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