“Cigarette” by Julian Lamadrid

Brooklyn based indie singer/songwriter Julian Lamadrid blends pop and rock to craft the musical gem that is “Cigarette”. With a sweet and unique blend of melodies and lyrics he paints a picture that instantly plays with our imagination as it speaks of love, heartbreak and not knowing where to go next. The track is honest and raw making it a must listen gem that simply speaks to you and lets your senses feel something. There’s no denying that his voice is the perfect guide as the melodies set the mood just right for the soundscape to unfold and take shape and form. The track is mesmerizing, passionate, rebellious and without a doubt has that right touch to be intoxicating from beginning to end. So listen carefully and find yourself within his verses as it envelops and pulls you in. Enjoy!

“…and I slept with your all friends

I wept in all their beds

And I’d rather wake up dead

Than wake up without you there…”

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