“Choice” by Ayelle ft. Rationale

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Ayelle joins forces with London based singer/songwriter/producer Rationale to craft the bittersweet tale of “Choice”. With this honest and raw showcase of feelings and emotions they paint a picture that is so real and so poetic yet painful. The soundscape flows with ease caressing the soul as it speaks of two whose hearts have been broken so badly that is hard to open up. She understands that as much as people can try, sometimes the pain and the memories are too much and people can choose to not fall once more out of fear that their fragile heart could break again. The soundscape is so raw and so intoxicating that your senses and imagination are sure to connect with it. Listen careful and explore the ups and downs of this tale. Enjoy!

“I wrote ‘Choice’ with one of my favourite people – and London collaborator – Rationale. When two broken people start falling for each other, a lot of old fears can start resurfacing, and you have a choice of whether to go through the fear or avoid it. That’s a choice we’re all entitled to, and even though it hurts when someone decides not to take the risk of allowing themselves to fully fall for you, that’s still their choice and no one else’s.” – Ayelle

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