“Cheryl” by Gaspar Sanz

Australian indie pop-rock band Gaspar Sanz comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the extremely catchy musical creation that is “Cheryl”. This exquisite and intoxicating musical creation pulls you into a unique and refreshing realm from the very first second as it takes shape and form. The something about the blend of melodies and lyrics that is just so charming and electric that you can’t help but want to hear it over and over again. The track is an immediate fan favorite and honestly, it is already one of my must share/must listen personal favorites. There’s no denying that this track has that perfect dose of the unknown touch that turns tracks into instant classics. So listen, smile and enjoy this sweet ride!

“This song was inspired by a cat called Cheryl who used to live with Jimmy (singer) and Sammy (drummer). Cheryl was a stray who was living on the roof of our other flatmate’s previous residence and after a period of time, he ended up adopting her. She was very old and had a litany of health issues, but was a beautiful and gentle old soul, who had clearly seen some shit. The meows that are featured in the song are from Cheryl herself. Jimmy followed her around the apartment with a microphone for about half an hour to capture them.” – Gaspar Sanz

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