“Chance” by Francis Moon

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Francis Pettersson aka Francis Moon comes to us with the inspiring and charming gem that is “Chance”. With this evocative and inviting blend of lyrics and melodies he paints a picture that is so real that you can even feel it to the touch as it speaks of taking that jump into the unknown hoping for the best but fearing the worst. It grabs your senses and your heart and soul with a firm yet warm grip as it speaks to us all in words we can easily understand and connect with what life has served us. The track is exciting and truly mesmerizing as it explores the ins and the outs of falling in love and catching that new scent of fear and wishful thinking. He has crafted the perfect reflection of this adventure and it truly makes for a must listen musical creation. Enjoy!

“…No I don’t need to comprise
Like I did in the past
To sail the heavy oceans
Without light, without a compass.
Oh why do I do this to myself
When I know its gonna hurt so badly
Oh why do I keep telling myself…”

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