“Champion” by Elina

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Elina opens up her heart and soul and connects with our moments of heartache and breakups with her latest, “Champion”. With this powerful and meaningful gem, she embraces the bittersweet nature of ending a relationship and how at times it’s easier to just rip the band-aid. She does not mean that you immediately will have a blank slate and be able to jump into another relationship, no, she means that healing can begin and you can get in touch with yourself and move at your own pace rediscovering the world as an individual and not as part of a couple. It’s pleasantly beautiful, honest and personally the best route, but of course we are all different and how things end depends on each of us and our particular tales. So whether you rip the band-aid or pull it off slowly, this bittersweet soundscape is really to hold you and give you that like push to move forward. Enjoy!

The meaning of “break my heart like a champion” is basically a request to your loved one not to break your heart slowly or gently. Sometimes the fall hurts even more than actually hitting the ground – it’s easier to know what will happen instead of fearing it and to live in uncertainty. It’s like ripping of a band-aid, the slower you rip the more it hurts.Elina

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