“Caught in the Middle” by The Dumes

The Dumes are back with another amazing indie rock creation that continues to cement their name in the music scene, say hello to “Caught in the Middle”. With this must listen track they develop a soundscape made of honest and raw emotions that come from experiences and the ups and downs of life. There’s something so uniquely relatable and real about it all that makes the song really stand out and embrace us in a natural way. The track is a perfect addition to any and all playlists plus he has the right vibes to simply find a home in all of us as the melodies and verses paint a picture that is personal to them and to us. So close your eyes and let the sounds take over as you enjoy one of the best tracks out there.

‘Caught in the Middle’ came to me when I was really devastated after losing someone I would have done anything for, only to realize that they were an idiot.Elodie Tomlinson of The Dumes

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