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Premiere: “Cathedrals” by SÜ

“Cathedrals” by SÜ

Nashville based indie-pop singer/songwriter  comes to us with her latest musical creation which I am pleased to premiere, say hello to “Cathedrals”. The romantically charged lyrics allow the soundscape to unfold beautifully capturing our very hearts from the very first listen. There’s something so soothing yet so playful about the melodies that evoke a sense of growth within this love story that is so real and so human. The track is hands down one of the most amazing musical creations I’ve heard in a while and makes for a great sign for what’s to come in 2019. So let yourself be mesmerized and charmed by the verses, the melodies and the fantastic vocals of . Enjoy!

‘Cathedrals’ is almost like a nostalgic, yet, hopeful look at what l believe love can be between two people; the kind of love that people marvel at and want to know the story behind. An actual cathedral is a place of reverence, holiness, intricacy and beauty. When people see it, they stop and stare and can’t help but notice how special it is. That’s the kind of love I have seen and always want to look for in life. This song is a reminder that love in its purest, truest form is still possible.

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